It’s me Jakir a professional Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience working in the software industry as web applications building and management. I’ve worked on many different projects throughout my career including, enterprise scale web applications, databases and mobile app development. I’ve spent several years working in the testing industry specializing in web and mobile automation. I’ve also worked many years in digital agency as specialist in web application, UI & UX, monetization, digital marketing, Google local mapping. I have developed tons of top-quality, user-friendly & responsive websites for clients around the globe. I always ensure on-time delivery so that I can ensure my client’s satisfaction as well as building a formidable relationship. Besides I love to create beautiful, engaging, and mobile-friendly websites on the basis of clients’ needs & satisfaction. Highly keen to make you satisfied with the skills and experiences I have.

As a web developer I have experience in PHP and JavaScript and I have in-depth knowledge of CMS systems such as WordPress and Joomla, and ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Opencart, and WooCommerce. I always factor in these important details when crafting strategies and building sites. I know how to craft quality websites and if anything goes wrong, I know how to fix it. I can customize and optimize any functional aspect of your WordPress website or WordPress plugin. My work with those systems include building and maintaining websites, search engine optimization, developing marketing strategies, brand development and social media marketing, monetization, google local mapping.

I pride myself on going the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction. I am a self-motivated and creative person, with strong background skills in problem-solving, time management and writing quality code. And don’t forget about my working knowledge of all the tools of the trade – Adobe Photoshop, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress and Laravel.

As a professional Web Developer for over 10 years my clients describe me as knowledgeable, pro-active, trustworthy, and friendly.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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Web Development

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